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New Comic Book Costume: Mary Jane!

New comic costume! Yay! I’ve been meaning to do a new comic book costume for a while now and MegaCon 2012 was the perfect convention! The weather was beautiful and the convention was so much fun! I opted for a more classic and casual Mary Jane costume so I could comfortably walk around the convention center and take photos of some wonderful cosplayers without being constrained to a big costume.

Info and photos for Mary Jane Watson are up and posted. The photos were taken by the awesome Darkain and wonderful Maboroshi! Thanks a lot guys, I love how these sets came out! :)

Of course, my favorite part of the costume is mini Spiderman! Best little backpack buddy ever!

♥ Sasha



Mari Illustrious Makinami Costume Added

Ah! Mari! What a strange little wild flower she is…! I love eccentric characters! <3

I’m a huge Evangelion fan and was finally able to sit down and watch the gorgeous new Rebuild of Evangelion films. I made this costume just in time for MegaCon 2012 in Orlando, Florida. It was very fun to wear and perfect for Florida weather. Not only that, but it was also very comfy and I was able to roam easily and take photos of other cosplayers during the con.

And, of course, costume details and photos for Maki Illustrious Makinami are posted.

For more convention photos from MegaCon 2012, I’ve posted them under Event Photos. If you see yourself in a photo or someone you know, please feel free to use them.


Twilight Sparkle & Hotaru Tomoe Costumes Added

Twilight Sparkle

Two new costumes have just been added to My Recreations! This time it’s a formal original design of Twilight Sparkle from the new animated series My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic and Hotaru Tomoe from the classic Sailor Moon anime series.

Both costumes were worn to Holiday Matsuri and it was a lot of fun! More photos and information on the costumes can be found on each character page.

Click here for more Twilight Sparkle >>

Click here for more Hotaru Tomoe >>

Playboy Bunny Asuka

Hi all! A new costume page has been added to the site filled with info and photos! As the title says, it’s all about Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion! This time it’s her bunny outfit which is based on a super cute vinyl figure. <3

The page features photos of the costume being worn at Dragon*Con 2011 along with a private photoshoot with the amazing Vince from Darkain Multimedia. More photos are still coming out so be sure to check in regularly.

Click here to advance!

P.S. –VIDEOS– coming soon! :o