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Thanks a bunches to for hosting its First Annual Costoberfest, a celebration of costuming and cosplay! You can now see a photo feature of my Zombie Mary Jane (Bride) costume from Marvel Zombies on their official website [here] and their Facebook gallery [here]. I’m so glad they like my costume! Thanks Marvel!


You can read the entire article here >> and be sure to check some more amazing costumes!

Interview for The Comic Book Nerd

Woooo! Back from this years Dragon*Con! I had a really great time and I’m so glad I could see and hang out with some of you that I never get to otherwise! Oh, and there’s new costumes!

While I’m waiting to get some photos back from Dragon*Con, be sure to check out this new [Costume Spotlight] interview that I did with [The Comic Book Nerd]. Thanks so much to The Comic Book Nerd Staff! I’m so glad you like my costumes!

♥ Sasha

Gankutsuou Costumes Added

Greetings! Well, I finally got some extra time and added a data page for the Opera dress/costume of Haydee from the anime Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo!

It’s not my most recent costume but I still thought the character deserved its own page and I hope you enjoy my own personal take on the interpretation of the dress. :) If you have any questions, just let me know!

♥ Sasha

Bio Up

Hola! Happy Spring! Do you like the new look? I designed and redecorated the site with a new and fresh little springtime theme. :) Also up is a new Bio in the About section if you’ve ever been curious about my background.

♥ Sasha

New Costumes!

New things are here! First up is a new Asuka costume from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion! This time it’s the Yellow Sundress Version! I made this costume for the filming of “Cosplay: The Documentary” which you can find out more about at their website.

Another goodie is that there are brand new photos of my Thage costume from the Eternal Poison video game series all thanks to Walker1812 Photography. Thanks to him, we got some amazing photos to enter in Atlus’ Halloweenie Costume Contest and won Atlus Staff Favorite! Thank you Atlus! ♥

In addition to my own personal costumes, we recently just wrapped filming for “La Fleur de Mort” with Ophelia Hellfire Productions. “La Fleur de Mort” is an experimental, black and white, silent film which takes place in 1660s France. I was brought on as the Costume Designer and Set Dresser and it was so much fun! There were some very fancy and not so fancy historically-based costumes which I can more give details about once the film completes post-production. That’s all the news for now! See you at MegaCon!

♥ Sasha